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8. srpna 2015 v 19:50 | Syrinox |  Articles 'bout Music
Please, support my baby Sik-K! This lil' fella is now performing in SMTM4 and he's one of my favorites! To tell the truth I originally didn't know he'll be participating so it was rather surprising for me to see him there but hell he's so good. I've been following him for some time already and this baby deserves so much. He's talented as fuck and so good looking OTL.

His newest single Better Life / My Man is daebak and I can't stop listening to it. I am actually considering buying the shit 'cause it's so frickin' awesome. Swagiri also did English lyrics and I'm planning to do Czech one once I came back from some pub shit lol.

So please just give him a listen! He's precious lil cinnamon roll!


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