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Name: Laura | Leon
Nickname: Syrinox [a.k.a Syri]
Age: 18
Zodiac: Capricorn
Gender: nonbinary | genderfluid
Pronouns: he/his/him preferred
Myers: INTP
Temperament: melancholic
Enneagram: type six
Alignment: chaotic neutral
Piercing: 10; left ear 2, right ear 5, nose, cyber
Tattoo: upper back, neck, inner arm
About me: Autumn person. Melancholic. Loves coffee and tea. Rains and storms are great. Bad tempered alien. Cats are life. Animal lover x general human kind hater. Halloween. Languages. Geek. Fandom is like a second family. American English preferred. K-Hip Hop. Actually pretty weird. You hate me or love me. Honest. Straightforward. Cuss on daily basis. Ships everything with cock. Has that thing for incest. Prefers to be called by nickname or just L 'cause it's gender neutral. Is a book example of INTP. Trap and nightcore. JGV and gay porn.
Bias: I have this huge fat crush on Woo Jiho and it won't go away. But actually I have like thousand of biases and I don't give a flip 'bout it.
OTP: GTOP, JaeCo, Woo Bros, BangHim, HunHan, JongKey, GaeMal, ThorKi, JonhLock, Stony, Drarry, Gratsu, Wincest and we could go like this till the end of the world...

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I listen to everything, basically.
Rock, hip hop, symphonic metal, trap and dubstep prefered.
Classical music lover.
I'm okay with your musical opinions as long as you won't bash mine.

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